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Furniture Thrift Store

Located at 1714 N. Ft. Harrison in Clearwater, FL, the Furniture Thrift Store is open Monday through Saturday, from 10 AM – 3 PM. This store picks up donations of furniture and other household items for free and resells them at modest prices.

However, this ministry is about a lot more than just furniture; it provides hope and community in a neighborhood that is hungry for both. Caring hearts and helping hands are always welcome.

Little Thrift Shop

Located at 506 Main Street, Dunedin, the Little Thrift Shop is open Monday through Saturday, from 10 AM to 2 PM. It is a ministry of the Episcopal Church Women (ECW) of Good Shepherd. The shop welcomes donations of men’s and women’s clothing, household items, and decorations during business hours. They rely on all volunteers to staff their store each day.

Furniture Thrift Store – Furniture Pick Up

“Our team picks up donations of furniture and other household items throughout Northern Pinellas County for free and resells them at the shop for modest prices. But more than reselling furniture, we provide hope and a sense of community to a neighborhood that is hungry for both. One of the intangibles provided by this ministry […]

Furniture Thrift Store – Volunteer

We love our Furniture Thrift Store volunteers! In fact, this ministry wouldn’t exist without you. Interested in helping out in the shop or on the truck? Once in a while or on a regular schedule? Great! Please call (727) 600-5820 for more information, or fill out the form below and someone will be in touch. “Our […]

Knowing Our Station

Knowing Our Station Shining Our Light Week 2 Epiphany 4, Year A Becky Robbins-Penniman A question for those of us who were here last week: what was the most important thing you heard Canon Chris Gray say to us? What I heard was the power of ONE to make an enormous difference in the lives […]


Contacting COGS’s Clergy, Staff, Leadership, and Church Members A full listing of Good Shepherd’s missions, ministries, and volunteer opportunities may be found in the MISSION & MINISTRY DIRECTORY A full parishioner (church member) directory is available to other parishioners via our REALM DATABASE If you are not a current parishioner or would like to contact […]

Sermon 180930

Oh, for the good old days. Back in Egypt when we had meat to eat. Sure, some people had it really bad, like the pregnant women who were at risk of having their boys killed at birth because Pharaoh was afraid of Israelite men.

Sermon 180923

Welcoming children. Jesus told us to welcome little children in his name.
That’s not so hard for us, is it? This past week, I’ve received an email from several of you called “Life is Beautiful” which has all these great illustrations of people doing acts of kindness.

Tell Me More

Thanks for your interest and inquiry.  We’d be happy to. Incorporated in 1963, the Endowment Fund was created to receive gifts that can grow to carry on the work of our church, supporting both current and future needs of the congregation and community. The Endowment Fund is our investment vehicle for the financial security of […]