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The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd, Dunedin, FL is seeking a part-time Organist/Choir Director to work in conjunction with the Rector to oversee all musical aspects of our worship life.

The Organist/Choir Director will be responsible for leading worship services while playing the organ and/or Clavinova, for directing the choir, and will have a leadership role in continuing to develop and enhance the current music program.

If interested, please submit your cover letter, resume and minimum salary requirements to: no later than 7/7/2021.

Job Description: Organist/Choirmaster
Church of the Good Shepherd, Dunedin, FL

I. General Description
The Organist/Choirmaster is responsible for the development and promotion of the music ministry of Good Shepherd. He/she is responsible to the Rector. This is a part-time position with a weekly average not to exceed 18 hours per week.

II. Qualifications
The candidate will possess a Bachelor of Music degree with a preference toward an advanced degree. A minimum of 5 years of organ performance and conducting is required. The candidate will be skilled in general aspects of church program development, organization, planning, and management and is capable of dealing gracefully, effectively, and collaboratively with church members, leadership, and the general public. He/she is highly adaptive, cooperative, and flexible; is willing to work irregular hours and schedules that will include holidays, weekends, and evenings. Sunday morning availability is essential to the position. The candidate will possess basic computer technology capabilities.

III. Responsibilities
A. Work under the immediate supervision of the Rector and in cooperation and coordination with other musicians. Work collaboratively with the Rector on music selections. Music may be selected from the full spectrum of religious music including traditional, gospel, folk, contemporary, and new trends in music.

B. Collaborate with the Rector as a worship planner and a worship leader.

C. Develop and promote the music ministries of the parish. Work collaboratively and in coordination with other musicians who may assist with various ensembles which may include:
1. Adult Choir
2. Children’s Choir
3. Handbell Choir
4. Special seasonal music
5. Special vocal and instrumental music for services
6. Music at special events

D. Recruit new members and foster participation in all aspects of the music ministry. Lead the choir using a variety of music selected from a number of genres and based upon the ability of the choir.

E. Supervise inventory, maintenance, purchasing, and use of:
a. the music library, ensuring compliance with copyright and licensing requirements;
b. musical instruments;
c. choir robes;
d. other equipment and supplies required in the music program.

F. Oversee the maintenance of the church instruments including the organ, handbells, and Clavinova, and ensure that all maintenance is current.

G. Attend appropriate meetings including staff meetings, Worship Planning, and other meetings pertaining to the total music ministry including Advent, Lent, and Holy Week.

H. Prepare the annual budget for the music ministry within the parameters of the church budget. The music ministry will be administered in line with this budget.

I. Play the organ/Clavinova for the Sunday services at 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM and other services as required.

J. Play for special services including Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Holy Week, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, and other services as requested by the Rector.

K. Be responsible for ensuring coverage during vacation and/or sick days except in times of emergencies. Vacation/sick days will be within the terms of the Procedure Manual.

L. Lead the adult choir at the 10:00 AM service from Fall to Spring and contingent upon the number of available singers.

M. Conduct a 1-2 hour choir rehearsal each week from Fall to Spring. The day and time of the rehearsal will be selected by the organist/choirmaster and will be mutually agreed upon by the members.

N. Be available when possible to play for weddings and funerals when requested by church family members using the church Sanctuary. These services are not included in the organist’s salary. Fees will be consistent with the current fee and honorarium schedule. The organist/choirmaster will be consulted on the proper use of the organ if the family provides an organist.

O. Arrange for and accompany guest musicians and provide mutually convenient rehearsal times with these persons.

P. Maintain a collegial relationship with the parish staff and leadership.

Q. Support the Choir Behavioral Covenant and renew and update with the members each year.

May 2021

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