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Searching For Our Next Rector at COGS


Dear Lord, with your everlasting love, light and guidance, we navigate our way, united together as parishioners, through our search for a new rector of our parish. We faithfully serve you in the search process and know that you are with us and loving us every step of the way.

Grace us with open hearts, discerning minds, wisdom, patience, understanding and courage, and inspire us through this journey in the hope and excitement of the search for a new rector.

We pray for a rector that will faithfully serve our parishioners in your name, Lord, continue the love and growth of our ministries to support our parishioners, community and those in need in the world, continue to grow our parish, and welcome all to your table, Lord.


The Church of Good Shepherd has a history of sustaining, loving and joyful relationships with its rectors.
We have thrived under the clergy, vestry, and parishioner leadership in the past decade.
We are prayerfully seeking a new rector of our church with the following qualities and aspirations:

• Is a compassionate and thoughtful rector who embraces all as the beloved children of God;
• Delivers inspiring sermons to the congregation based in biblical readings and the gospel and are applicable to daily life;
• Is deeply grounded in prayer and quiet reflection;
• Continues to nourish the ministries and missions of our church;
• Cultivates fellowship among our parishioners;
• Is committed and devoted to the spiritual development and education of our parishioners;
• Shares in our admiration for all facets of our music program;
• Is an active and engaged listener and loving and effective communicator,
• Nurtures the children’s program and seeks new families to become members of our church; and
• Models justice, peace and kindness to our parishioners, our community and the world.

Diocesan Notice

Come as you are;
All are welcome;
No exceptions.

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We Aspire:

To live in a world where all creation
thrives in God’s love,

And Seek:

To become who God created us to be by
worshiping joyfully, respecting all, sharing generously, and nurturing every spirit.

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