Emergency and Disaster Planning

In September 2017 the Church of the Good Shepherd was visited by Hurricane Irma. This was a relatively low-category hurricane passing south of Tampa. Fortunately, the parish experienced only minor damage and inconvenience. Thanks to careful planning, the impact of Hurricane Irma was minimal. Just a few years later, the impact of Hurricane Ira in 2022 on Ft. Meyers and the surrounding area reminded us how devastating hurricanes can be. But again, COGS was spared.

Every June hurricane season begins again and runs through the end of November. COGS has prepared an Emergency Plan to cover a wide variety of emergencies and disasters. There is also an Emergency Management Team ready to step into action if needed.

COGS Emergency Plan

If you need further information regarding Church of the Good Shepherd’s emergency and disaster planning, please contact Dave Megel or any member of the Emergency Management Team.

The COGS Emergency Management Team encourages you to plan for your personal safety. Pinellas County has a comprehensive Hurricane Preparedness Guide available online or in print at locations throughout the county at City Halls, City Fire Departments, Libraries, Courthouses, and Tax Collector Offices.


Pinellas County Emergency Management
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