What If I’m Not Episcopalian?

If you’re not Episcopalian – no worries. What you need to know at this point is that we belong to a wider church family within the United States and internationally that has a long history and tradition. You can have confidence that we will be here this week, next week, and for a long time to come. It also means that we can use resources from the wider church to help us grow, connect, and care for each other.

If you are not Christian? Our sign says “Come as You Are – All Are Welcome” – and we really mean it. Lots of people aren’t quite sure why they seem drawn to walk into a church. Perhaps you went to church as a child and want to go back. Perhaps a friend invited you along. Perhaps you have heard of some of our amazing outreach ministries and want to take part. Perhaps you’d like to connect with God, and this seems like a logical place to start. Perhaps life’s been tough and you’d like some comfort and support. Perhaps you’re just curious about what happens at church. Whatever brings you here, we consider everyone who walks through our door to have been invited here by God, which makes you our honored guest.