How Long Do Services Last?

GOGS How Long Will The Service LastOn Sunday, the 8 AM service takes about an hour, while the 10 AM service is somewhat longer.

Just like at a family meal, our focus isn’t on the time, but the company! Some days we have a lot to share with God and each other.

We are a “liturgical” church.  That means our worship is dignified, and the pastor and worship leaders wear special clothes. At each service, we follow a pattern based on traditions that go back to the earliest centuries of Christianity. During the service we will pray together, read the Bible, and hear a message on the impact faith has on how we live our lives. We celebrate and share Holy Communion nearly every time we gather. At the 10:00 service, we also have a good deal of music and singing. Even though elements of our worship are relatively formal, we are relaxed and flexible about things. In fact, we love to laugh and to enjoy each other during the services.

If you are an Episcopalian and curious what kind of worship we have, it is best described as “broad.”

Even if the service is unfamiliar, you will find it easy to follow along because everything you need is in our worship bulletins. Also, anyone with a Good Shepherd name tag on is a member of the Welcoming Team, and will be happy to answer questions or explain what’s going on. Rest assured that will be included in all aspects of our worship, even on your first visit.

During the Service

Special Services

In addition to our weekly services, we have special services that observe holy days and times on the liturgical calendar. Please check church calendar and this web site for the current schedule.

For any years, the Church of the Good Shepherd has hosted an ecumenical Memorial Day Service for the community, featuring a color guard, pipers, and a keynote speaker.

When called for by world or national events, the Church of the Good Shepherd may hold a vigil to pray for peace, hope and comfort in a world seemingly consumed by chaos, violence and despair. These are open to all people.