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The traditional and scriptural way to enter the church is through the Sacrament of Holy Baptism – and it’s not just for babies. Good Shepherd celebrates this joyful Sacrament several times per year, and it is often possible to have baptisms on other Sundays upon arrangement. Baptisms are always celebrated during community worship, except for significant health reasons. Please contact the office or our priest to explore this area further.

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Good Shepherd is a beautiful place for a wedding! If you are not a member of Good Shepherd, you may still arrange to have your wedding here. Please call the office for information about prices, expectations, and possibilities. Generally speaking, there are two options for weddings at Good Shepherd.

  • A church wedding with the Parish Priest officiating and celebrating
  • A church wedding with the couple providing their own officiant.

In the Episcopal Church, marriage is a joyful, but solemn, sacrament. That means that there is careful and significant preparation, including premarital counseling. Most couples report that this process is extremely useful and even enjoyable. There are costs involved, which vary depending on the size of the wedding and whether or not one of the families is a member of the congregation.

With prior approval by the parish priest, a couple may also arrange to rent the sanctuary and use their own officiant. As above, there are costs involved, which vary depending on the size of the wedding. Please contact the office for details.

In addition to the church, Kirk Hall is available for receptions. You may choose your favorite catering company to provide the necessary services.

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Funerals and Memorial Services

In times of loss and sorrow, the comfort and reassurance offered by the church can be immensely important. Please contact the Church of the Good Shepherd if you need a place to celebrate the life of a loved one. Our parish priest will do everything possible to work with a grieving family to commemorate a loved one’s passing with dignity and grace.

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