Welcome to COGS!

Some of you are hearing this message right now for the very first time. Some of you have been hearing it at the Church of the Good Shepherd your whole lives. We welcome everyone – EVERYONE – as a gift from God. Sure, we invite you to join us here on our lovely campus. But, maybe you’ll run into us while we’re out in the community, serving others. Or, maybe we’ll simply be hanging out on the beach next to you enjoying this wonderful corner of God’s creation.

However our lives intersect, when we gather in this holy, beautiful, and uplifting space, we are family. As brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, together we explore ways to connect with God, with others, and with our own souls. We discover how the journey of faith can bless and change our lives, and not just on Sunday morning. We care for and support each other every single day of the week.

Because we are committed to respecting the dignity of every human being, we always, always have room at our table for all people. Whether you think of yourself as conservative or liberal, religious or spiritual, certain or searching, a long-time church-goer or a complete newbie, very old, very young, or somewhere in the middle, and no matter where you come from or what your family background is, there’s a place for you.

We look forward to sharing our joys, hopes and, yes, even sorrows of life with you as you bring yours to us. Now may God’s peace be with you until we meet. Come as you are, all are welcome: no exceptions!


Church of the Good Shepherd 2022 Annual Meeting Year in Review Video

We Aspire:

To live in a world where all creation
thrives in God’s love,

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And Seek:

To become who God created us to be by …

Worshiping Joyfully
Respecting All
Sharing Generously
Nurturing Every Spirit