Foyer Group

Foyer Groups are a fun and easy way for parishioners to gather informally purely for social reasons – to enjoy one another’s company, to strengthen bonds of community, to meet new members, and get to know other people who share a common interest in Good Shepherd. There is no agenda or plan outside of casual fellowship and sharing a meal.

Groups of 6-8 persons are randomly made up of singles, couples, young people, retired folks, etc. who will each take turns hosting a meal for their group. Each group will have several months to complete all of their gatherings before the session ends.

Why “Foyer”?
The French meaning of the word Foyer is hearth or hearth-side and evokes an image of warmth and comfort. In other Christian churches, these might be called “supper clubs.”

Do I have to host a fancy dinner at my house when it’s my turn to host?
Absolutely not! The host can provide the entire meal or can just the main course while the other members fill in the rest. You could choose to arrange a picnic lunch or even meet at a local restaurant. Each group gets to decide what works best for them. The main idea for the gatherings is to focus on Christian fellowship while breaking bread together.

Registering to participate is required; please use this form or see Evelyn Slama after church to sign up.

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