2023 Pledges & Stewardship

COGS 2023 Stewardship Campaign 
October 22, 2023 – November 12, 2023

Rooted in God’s Abundance

“They shall be like a tree planted by water, sending out its roots by the stream. It shall not fear when heat comes, and its leaves shall stay green; in the year of drought it is not anxious, and it does not cease to bear fruit.” – Jeremiah 17:8

Dear Good Shepherd,

As our annual stewardship campaign gets underway, you have been hearing about the theme, Rooted in God’s Abundance, and it reminds us that we are inspired to give because so much has been given to us. This is not transactional – we do not give in proportion to how we feel we have benefited or suffered – rather we give because of the love we have experienced in the story of our faith. We have explored trees, roots, and flowers, all as metaphors for the way we dig deep into what nourishes us to transform that goodness into work, service, and joy in a world that needs us.

Our Stewardship Team is grateful and honored to lead this annual process of telling the story of our abundance and our gratitude. We love hearing the stories that some of our fellow parishioners will share during the campaign about what connects them to Good Shepherd and how they flourish where they’ve been “planted.” And we love the sermons we hear from our clergy leaders that inspire us and support our faith.

As you fill out your pledge cards, you’ll notice that one side is about your financial promises for the year, your wealth. We understand today’s economic challenges. Our church is experiencing those financial challenges as well. For example, our church insurance will increase over 30% for 2024. That is just one of the many areas where we’ll see increases in our budget. The other side of the pledge card is dedicated to how you might want to share your works and your wisdom. Our works bring us opportunities to roll up our sleeves, to volunteer for service, and to pitch in to help make things better.

This year, as you pray about your commitment to our church, please tap into that nourishing structure of faith and generosity shown to us by an abundant God, a patient Shepherd, and a gathering Spirit who call us to share our gifts with the world. Please give to the church generously in the spirit of knowing that without our church there would be no ministries.

When you are rooted in God’s abundance, you realize that your giving can be as boundless as the Creation that gave birth to us all. Thank you for your generosity and your prayerful consideration of your pledge to Good Shepherd. You can make your pledge by returning the enclosed pledge card by mail or in the plate on Sunday, or online at

Every gift matters for 2024, and each gift will be celebrated and blessed before God and our community on Sunday, November 12th.

In gratitude from your Stewardship team,
Judy Warner, Alan MacKay, Carolyn Hughes, & Robin Megel

PDF Copy of Stewardship Team Letter

PDF Copy of Rector’s Letter

You are welcome to submit your pledge via postal mail, by bringing your pledge card to the church, by logging in securely through Realm, or by submitting your information via our website form. To pledge via Realm or use our form, and instructions on how to pledge using Realm, please click on the button below.