February 3, 2019

Why So Angry?
4th Sunday After the Epiphany, Year C
Becky Robbins-Penniman

Immediately after Jesus says God’s promises were now fulfilled, everyone in the synagogue was filled with anger. They rose up and ran him out of town . . . so they could throw him off the cliff.
There you have it, today’s news in a 2,000-year-old-book. If the headlines I see, the mail solicitations I get, and the talking heads I hear, have anything in common, it’s that everyone is filled with anger and they are itching to throw SOMEONE off a cliff. The outrage is apparently endemic; really, the only thing that separates us is who it is that we think needs to be hurtled off the cliff.
Each one of us is absolutely certain we are right. The most dangerous among us are the religious ones, who are not only sure that we are right, but that we are justified by God. God – however we define that term – is on OUR side.

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