March 24, 2019

Renewal: Works
3rd Sunday in Lent, Year C
Becky Robbins-Penniman

Yesterday, I went somewhere that a bunch of you have been, and most of you have not, but I went in the name of all of us. Yesterday, I went to Masjid Al Salaam up on New York Ave., the part that’s north of 580. I went because I’ve been meditating on the readings for today all week, and two particular passages stood out with such clarity that they felt like very clear instruction as to how I should put feet on my faith.

The first passage is the one from Isaiah: comfort all who mourn. The second was from Romans: cry with those who are crying. Consider everyone as an equal, and don’t think you’re better than anyone else.

So I went to the mosque with the message that I, that WE, are heartbroken by yet another incident of tribal warfare. This time the vindictive killing was by a member of MY tribe, the tribe of white people, against the tribe of Muslim people.

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