June 2, 2019

6th Sunday after Easter,
Year C
Becky Robbins-Penniman


Are you “liberal” or “conservative”? Are you pro-choice or pro-life? Are you Evangelical or Progressive? Are you a Yankee or a Southerner? Are you pro-NRA or pro-gun control? Are you about Black lives or Blue lives mattering? Anti-vaxer or vaccinator? Is climate destabilization real or a hoax?

If I do enough of these binary questions, do you know what will happen? I’ll create enough categories so that everyone here has their own, unique label. And we might even be darned proud of that. Individualism is one of those American values we’re steeped in, like tea bags in hot water. Being unique, our own self-made person, is our national birthright.

The thing is, that means that there are going to be a LOT of people, who don’t agree with us about something. Being around people who don’t agree with us can be really annoying. Evidently, humans don’t like being annoyed…

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