Parish Profile

The Church of Good Shepherd (COGS) has a history of sustaining, loving and joyful relationships with its rectors. We have thrived under the clergy, vestry, and parishioner leadership in the past decade. At this time, we prayerfully look forward in seeking a new rector of our church. Following the steps of surveying our congregation and completing a parish profile, this is what we have learned or confirmed about our church family:


Results of Survey

Parishioners were surveyed regarding their hopes and dreams for our church.
Survey responses indicated the following areas of focus. Respondents hope to:

1)  call a priest with whom we will grow spiritually;
2)  grow in our understanding of God’s word and meaning for us as a church and as individuals;
3)  increase membership and attract more families and youth;
4)  strengthen the music program;
5)  maintain our community outreach and ministries;
6)  remain financially sound and be prepared for community crises; and
7)  grow from where we are and continually walk in the path of Christ.


Survey Results Summary      Complete Survey Data

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