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This Is Our Destiny

This Is Our Destiny Signs of Life: Why Church Matters – Shelter Fourth Sunday in Lent, Year A Becky Robbins-Penniman I know you’ve heard me say plenty of times that we select the readings a month or more before we read them in church. As most of you know, we’re doing a sermon series this […]

Signs Of Life – Lenten Series

Signs of Life – Why Church Matters For the 2020 season of Lent, Church of the Good Shepherd will participate in the Signs of Life: Why Church Matters series. This series uses the familiar signs and symbols of our shared Christian worship – Light, Water, Food, Shelter, and Community – combined with the monastic practices […]

Emergency and Disaster Planning

In September 2017 the Church of the Good Shepherd was visited by Hurricane Irma. This was a relatively low-category hurricane passing south of Tampa. Fortunately, the parish experienced only minor damage and inconvenience. Thanks to careful planning, the impact of Hurricane Irma was minimal. Just a few years later, the impact of Hurricane Ira in […]